P.T.I. Limited has a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of precision products over a wide range of industries.

Motorsport Components for F1, A1 GP, Indycar, Cart and MotoGP.  Products include splined shafts, transmission gears, racks, drive shafts, torsion bars, pump components, flywheels, engine gears, layshafts, piston tooling and dog rings.Motorsport
A major supplier to Formula 1 of high precision components, P.T.I. Limited supplies complex components to both the engine manufacturers and directly to the teams. P.T.I. Limited has built steadily on its reputation and knowledge and now supplies many other areas of the sport. A1 GP, Indy, Cart, Rally, GT and Historic and Moto GP are all customers. The ability to react to demanding lead times, whilst still producing the ultimate in quality components makes P.T.I. Limited a major partner to many of its clients.

Products include:

   splined shafts    transmission gears    racks
   drive shafts    torsion bars    pump components
   flywheels    engine gears    layshafts
   piston tooling    dog rings  

Precision components such as gears, shafts, worms, racks, gear rings and actuation parts for the aerospace industry. Aerospace
P.T.I. Limited's customers in this area are the leading OEM's or 1st tier suppliers. Goodrich, Smiths, and Westland all use P.T.I. Limited on a regular basis. P.T.I. Limited offers a service for small batch production runs, prototypes, development or spares. One of the best equipped toolrooms in the country can be used as a sub contract or offload facility either for a single process or make complete.

Products include:

      gears       shafts       worms
      racks       gear rings       actuation parts
      precision components  

API Spec 7 & 5B. Specialist gauging for the Oil & Gas industry. Oil & Gas
The newest of our markets. P.T.I. Limited have expanded rapidly in this field since gaining API accreditation in 2005 for spec 7-2 & 5B. We now supply some of the largest users of this type of specialist gauging in the world. A full calibration, re-calibration and re-work service is available to complement the supply of new gauges.

Products include:

      threaded plug gauges       threaded ring gauges
      profile gauges       seal gauges

Specialist manufacture of master gears and spline gauges and splined work holding products.Automotive Gauging
A specialist manufacturer of master gears, spline gauges and splined work holding products for over twenty years. P.T.I. Limited is the largest company in this field. Our in-house UKAS calibration laboratory for the measurement of gears and splines guarantees the highest quality products. P.T.I. Limited also offer a calibration service for customer product.

Products include:

      master gears       internal spline gauges
      external spline gauges       internal spline comparators
      external spline comparators       taper spline gauges
      concentricity gauges       helical spline gauges
      spline and gear work holding  

Cold forged tooling for the automotive industry including C.V. joint punches, C.V. joint dies, inner race tooling, syncroniser tooling, carbide tooling, cold forming tooling, broaches and broach rings. Precision Tooling
For many years P.T.I. Limited has produced some of the automotive industries highest quality cold forging tooling. Experts in the production of this type of tooling for CV Joint componentry, Synchroniser Rings, and many Powder Metal applications, P.T.I. Limited can meet the most exacting of tolerances.

Products include:

      C.V. joint punches       C.V. joint dies
      inner race tooling       synchroniser tooling
      carbide tooling       cold forming tooling
      broaches       broach rings

One of the UK's largets tool rooms .  CNC grinding, cutting, machining and jig grinding.  Spline cutting and grinding.Sub Contract
Whether requiring a single process or full manufacture. P.T.I. Limited has one of the most extensive tool rooms in the country. From batch sizes of 1 to 1000, development, prototype, spares or reverse engineering, P.T.I. Limited has the ability to serve a changing market place.

Products include:

      cnc turning       cnc machining
      cnc EDM       cnc jig grinding
      cnc universal grinding       form grinding
      gear cutting       spline cutting
      cnc gear grinding       spline grinding
      super finishing  

Precision tooling for medical implants such has replacement hips.Medical
P.T.I. Limited can produce medical implant tooling and measuring devices to customer specifications. Also a provider of prototypes and development batches for capability trials as well as serial production.

Precision Motor Sport components Motorsport
Components supplied to F1, A1 GP, Moto GP [more...]

Specially engineered components for the Aerospace industry Aerospace
Component supply to clients such as Goodrich [more...]

API accredited company with Spec 7 & 5B Oil & Gas
Specialist gauging to the oil & gas industry [more...]

Master gears, external spline gauges, spline and gear work holding Automotive Gauging
Specialist manufacture of master gears... [more...]

Precision cold forge tooling for the automotive industry Precision Tooling
Experts in high quality cold forging tooling [more...]

Sub contract facility from one of the largest tool rooms in the U.K. Sub Contract
One of the most extensive tool rooms in the UK [more...]

Precision tooling for medical implants such as hip replacement Medical
Medical implant tooling and measuring devices [more...]

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